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North Coast

Akam AlRajhi, two industry giants determined to change the norm and build communities that inspire. Akam, with its wide experience and innovative solutions to enhance human lives, and AlRajhi, with a great history of trust established over the years.

Along the coastline of the charming new Sahel,  DOSE is elevated on the luxurious shore of El Dabaa, where it only takes you three hours to arrive from Cairo at the 174th km to enjoy the finest aqua blues and softest golden sands ever found

 DOSE is saturated with happiness and luxurious services and amenities unmatched elsewhere. 

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125 Acres


Hotel, Sandy Lagoons, Couples Private pool, Ladies swimming pool, Culinary Kitchen Service, Aqua Park, Beach Club House, Medical Center, Commercial Area

Property Types

Serviced Apartments, Chalets, Town Houses, Twin Villas, Standalone Villas


7 Years


4  years
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