City Stars Compound | North Coast | Arco
City Stars
Bo Sands Compound | North Coast | Maxim Developments
Bo Sands
White Bay Compound | North Coast | Egypt
White Bay
Kai Compound | North Coast | Misr Italia Properties
Kai Sahel
El Masyaf Compound | North Coast | M2 Developments
El Masyaf
City Edge Towers | North Coast | City Edge
North Edge Towers
City Edge Towers | North Coast | City Edge
Gaia | North Coast
Gaia | North Coast
Coast 82 Compound | Hyde Park | North Cost
C82 Hyde Park
Fouka Bay | North Coast | Tatweer Misr
Fouka Bay
Amwj Compound | North Coast | Sabbour
Hacienda West | North Coast | Palm Hills Developments
Hacienda West
Zoya Landmark | North Coast | Ghazala Bay
Zoya Landmark
Sea View North Coast
Sea View
Mountain View North Coast
Mountain View
Bo Islands Compound| Maxim | North Coast
Bo Islands
Jefaira Compound| North Coast | Inertia
La Vista Compound | North Coast | Egypt
La Vista
Marrasi Compound | North Coast | Emaar Properties
Malaaz Compound | North Coast | Sodic
Malaaz Sodic
Pali North Coast
Mazarine City Edge

North Coast Of Egypt Contains Many High End Compounds To Serve The Seekers For Joy And Fun During The Summer Enjoying The Mediterranean Sea.

New Alamein City Is Set To Let The North Coast Of Egypt All Year Round Destination Loaded With All Basic Needs Of Facilities.

The North Coast OF Egypt Weather's Temperature Allows The Heat Skippers To Enjoy Their Summer Alone With Cold Breeze And Sunny Views If The Sea.